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Nike KD14 'Lime Glow'

REF: CW3935-005
Black/Lime Glow-White-Grey Fog

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The upper part of the shoe is composed of a lightweight multilayer mesh, and offers a soft touch. These KD 14 are back on the strap, with a nod to the KD 4 and the strap inspired by La Parca's scythe, wrap the upper part and the laces to offer a firm and secure fit.

One of the strengths of the KD line is its maximum response on the track, it has an Air Zoom Strobel unit sewn directly under your foot, to provide maximum reactivity and also has Cushlon that wraps this Zoom unit and offers a soft and comfortable footprint. As for the sole, it has a multidirectional pattern that provides a great feeling of contact with the court, offering good grip in every movement.

A model designed for the most versatile and unforgiving gamers like Kevin Durant.

If you want to know more about this sneaker you can see the full review in our youtube channel or link here

The size of this sneaker is normal, so you can choose your usual size or you can make with the measures which appear in the table of our guide size .


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Product Description


Kevin Durant lurks on the wing, waiting for the perfect moment to attack and blast his way through the defense. The KD14s are designed to help versatile and relentless players like KD stay cool throughout the game. Multi-layer mesh fabric and midfoot strap help reduce foot movement within the shoe. Full Zoom Air cushioning and Cushlon foam deliver great energy return for long-lasting performance.

- Multi-layer mesh upper is lightweight, dimensional and offers a comfortable touch.
- Extra thickness in strategic areas helps keep your foot in place by reducing movement inside the shoe
- A touch closure strap wraps the top of the laces for a secure, secure fit. It's a subtle nod to the KD4 strap and is inspired by the shape of the Grim Reaper's scythe.
- Rigid piece on the outer edge for greater stability in the midfoot.

- The entire Air Zoom Strobel unit is stitched directly to the top. Helps reduce unnecessary weight and offers great reactivity throughout the foot.
- Cushlon foam provides a soft and comfortable feel

- Grooves and grooves in the sole provide multidirectional traction and a great feeling of contact with the court.
- The rigid piece under the arch of the foot adds firmness to the shoes. The slippers show a skull when attached.

More information:
- Removable insole, suitable to be replaced by your personalized insole.
- Shoes created for use on the indoor court (platform or rubber), their use outdoors will significantly reduce their durability

+ INFO Personalized products
- The size of the font to personalize the name and / or number, as well as the location on the shoe may vary depending on the characters requested and the size of the item.
- The material with which this customization is printed is high-quality textile vinyl but you must bear in mind that it is not a natural part of the shoe, so an unfortunate blow to the area, excess moisture or poor care of the shoe, it may not ensure the durability of the customization.
- No changes or returns are allowed on personalized products.
Size guide


• Take the socks that you will normally wear with the shoes and measure your feet in the afternoon (they tend to swell throughout the day). Distribute the weight equally before measuring them.

• Stand on a firm surface with the heel against the wall at a right angle and a blank paper taped to the floor.

• Mark the outline of your foot on the paper with a pencil, ballpoint pen or marker. Repeat with the other foot, since it is possible that both feet have different measures.

• Use a ruler to measure the longest distance of your foot, called "tip to toe."

• In case the measurement of your two feet is different, we recommend you choose the longest measurement to avoid that the foot of greater length impacts against the toe.

• The measurements listed in the following table are measurements of the interior of the standard shoe provided by the manufacturer. If we recommend a different size than the one that appears in the following table, we will indicate it on the drop-down selector of the available sizes..

*Note: The measurements of the column that appear in the following table "distance from the heel to the tip" (cm) will be slightly shorter than the CM measure that appears on the box or label of the shoes. It is something that we know and that we have already taken into account.


Use the following table to determine your size according to your measurements. If your measurements correspond to different suggested sizes, choose the setting that you feel most comfortable with.

19,4 20 32 32 1Y
19,9 20,5 33 33 1,5Y
20,4 21 33,5 33,5 2Y
20,9 21,5 34 34 2,5Y
21,4 22 35 35 3Y
21,9 22,5 35,5 35,5 3,5
22,3 23 36 36 4
22,7 23,5 36,5 36 2/3 4,5
23,1 23,5 37,5 37 1/3 5
23,4 24 38 38 5,5
23,7 24 38,5 38 2/3 6
24,1 24,5 39 39 1/3 6,5
24,5 25 40 40 7
25 25,5 40,5 40 2/3 7,5
25,4 26 41 41 1/3 8
25,8 26,5 42 42 8,5
26,2 27 42,5 42 2/3 9
26,7 27,5 43 43 1/3 9,5
27,1 28 44 44 10
27,5 28,5 44,5 44 2/3 10,5
27,9 29 45 45 1/3 11
28,3 29,5 45,5 46 11,5
28,8 30 46 46 2/3 12
29,2 30,5 47 47 1/3 12,5
29,6 31 47,5 48 13
30 31,5 48 48 2/3 13,5
30,5 32 48,5 49 1/3 14
31,3 33 49,5 50 2/3 15
32,2 34 50,5 52 16
33 35 51,5 53 1/3 17
33,9 36 52,5 54 2/3 18
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